Captain America’s shield and other fantasy weapons in GTA V and GTA Online with these mods

Captain America's shield and other fantasy weapons in GTA V and GTA Online with these mods

On GTA V and GTA Online there are weapons of all kinds, but for those of you who are already tired of the typical assault rifles and ordinary pistols, we have what you are looking for. Mods have come to save the ballot and add all manner of ridiculous, yet highly destructive weapons to Rockstar’s timeless game.

Captain America’s Shield is one of them, but not the only one. Here’s a list of some of the best weird weapon mods that can be added to GTA V and GTA Online.

Captain America’s shield and other fantasy weapons in GTA V and GTA Online with these mods

Absurd weapons In Pack

Guitars, katanas, a saxophone, a traffic sign … A good assortment of weapons of all kinds so that you can experiment at ease against the population of Los Santos. Download here.

Thanos’ double-edged sword in Endgame


Like Thanos himself, no Marvel weapons were unavoidable. One of the most characteristic weapons of the UCM comes with this mod to GTA V. You can now stand up to The Avengers. here.

Dubstep Weapon


The group moves with music, but better than others. That’s what this mod is for, which adds a dubstep weapon, that genre that seems to have lasted only a couple of years and that was as strident as putting cutlery in the washing machine. Download here.

Captain America shield

The integrity of Captain America, the will, the service and dedication, the honesty of the most well-known Marvel character, all at your disposal thanks to his shield. Everything, to mess it up brown thanks to this mod. Download here.

Fortnite shotgun


It’s time to do some little dances and achieve the Victory Royale. Fortnite’s most recognizable weapon can also be unlocked in GTA thanks to this mod. The tactical shotgun is here, we hope they don’t nerf it. Download here.

Fallout 4 Laser Gatling

The Fallout saga is also not short on crazy weapons. If you want lasar power to wreak havoc, nothing beats a post-apocalyptic Gatling. Download here.

Crysis 3 Arc


A good bow can never be lacking in every video game, but it is better to put one that has a good course and great benefits. For this reason, the one in Crysis 3 is sure to convince the most demanding. Download here.

Kirito Sword Art Online Sword


It wouldn’t be a good list if there wasn’t an anime weapon, preferably a sword. With this mod you can get the sword … from Sword Art Online. The protagonist Kirito caused a sensation a few years ago and this mod pays tribute to him. Download here.

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