Battlefield 2042 Shows First Trailer and Late Fall Release Date

E3 2021 Battlefield 2042 tráiler

Yesterday the small preview of the DICE conference took place within the framework of E3 2021, anticipating the official start of the fair to introduce ourselves the first official trailer and name of Battlefield 2042, the next installment of its well-known war simulator, and as its name suggests, it will abandon the historical theme for the second time for a dystopian future to take us to the battlefields of the Third World War.

Unfortunately, despite the great anticipation of the event, which kept fans waiting for a full hour, so we only got to see a short five minute video. And it seems that EA is saving material for its own conference, which will take place on Sunday the 13th, at the same time as the Xbox and Bethesda conference.


After two games set during the World Wars, the latest game developed by DICE brings the series to a world of the near future “transformed by disorder”, featuring not only scenarios changed by war, but special events that will alter the map, with large-scale physical and meteorological phenomena such as tornadoes, sandstorms or even rocket launches.

So, another of the great changes that we will see this time will be removing the single player campaign, focusing its gameplay exclusively on the multiplayer experience, with the return of modes like Conquest and Breakthrough, or the advance new mode called Hazard Zone, of which no further details were shared.

On the other hand, the developer wanted to emphasize that, although the game will have different modes available, Battlefield 2042 won’t feature a battle royale, standing firm against this overwhelming fashion in which its main competitor did remain silent.

DICE is also introducing a new Specialist system for the four classes that will be present in Battlefield 2042, granting players special powers, plus other futuristic add-ons like wingsuits, grappling hooks and even robotic dogs. Find more details about the specialists here. Elements of the live service are now confirmed for the game, with three-month seasons and battle passes to reinforce in-game content after launch.

At the launch, they will be present seven massive maps that will unite a whopping 128 players. However, although EA has already confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it finally seems that this version will have some limitations added to the graphical downgrade itself, supporting only up to 64 players per game.

Lastly, DICE also confirmed that various pre-launch events and betas will take place, although the exact dates were not announced today. However, as we can see on the Steam tab, the game already has a release date for this fall, next October 23.

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