Announced xScreen, the screen that docks to Xbox Series S to play anywhere

Announced xScreen, the screen that docks to Xbox Series S to play anywhere

A screen that will be coming to Kickstarter very soon is called xScreen and through his official website you can register to receive special information, such as price and specifications. But,it really works as advertised? Well yes, what it does is give more comfort to the game in Xbox Series S by making it portable and play anywhere.

It is a folding screen that already has built-in speakers and it is a bet of UPspec Gaming only for Xbox Series S. Although like They have replied to a user via Twitter, for the moment they are focused on the Microsoft’s most affordable next-generation console due to its portable possibility.

They have presented it with a video made to show the xScreen comfortSimply by attaching it to the back of the console and connecting it to the power, you will be able to play. The screen is an IPS and has characteristics of 11.6 inches, 1080p resolution and has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

In turn, built-in speakers have a power of 5w and next to the presentation trailer -which has music- they have lowered it a bit so that the game can be heard. We leave you with him tweet where they have presented xScreen with these features, but the official video can be viewed through YouTube using this link.

xScreen It has very secure fastening systems, it is pleasant when closed as it fits with the Xbox Series S size and it even gives it a laptop look. Plus, its weight at just 695g makes the screen even more attractive.

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If you have been interested xScreen, this summer will launch its Kickstarter and they will ship all over the world. What do you think that, now, this idea makes Xbox Series S go from desktop to portable anytime?

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