You could be charging the PS5 DualSense controller too soon

Apple is selling the PS5 DualSense controller in its online store

One of the main keys to the good sales performance that the PS5 is reaping in the market is the control controller, a Dualsense with a haptic response that is delighting gamers, and that gets the most out of titles like Returnal.

While the PlayStation 5 user interface works flawlessly, an indicator on the screen may not be entirely accurate as reported by the gaming community in recent times.

And it seems that Dualsense controller charge indicator is not entirely accurate, and apparently it is indicating low battery when there is still enough use of it.

This has emerged from one of the most popular threads on Reddit where the user community discusses the actual battery life of the Dualsense, stating that the low battery warning usually skips when there is still half of it.

This does not seem to happen to all players, since although there are some who indicate that after receiving the low battery notification they only have one hour of play left, there are others who point out that they are even notified when they have five or six more hours left battery life of the controller.

In our case, when we received the low battery warning in the Dualsense we were able to continue playing without problems even for a couple more hours, with which we consider that perhaps the battery indicator is not entirely accurate, which could solve Sony in a future patch.

So you may be charging your Dualsense controller too early, which can end up affecting the battery life in the long run.

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