These gaming headsets with microphone and RGB lights are perfect headphones for any console or PC, and very cheap: for 16 euros

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If you want to play with the best possible experience, it is not only worth having a powerful console, a good monitor and a quality controller. Audio is as or more important than the rest of the elements, so you should not use those headphones that you were given on the train, and much less if you plan to play competitively online. If you are looking for some good gaming helmets that offer you good audio quality at the same time that they have an economic price, These Amazon-winning headphones are a great option, and very cheap.

His price is only 16 euros on amazon, which makes them a really affordable purchase that you don’t have to think about a lot either. They are wired headphones, which lowers their cost, avoids latencies, and saves us having to charge the battery. Include microphone, of course, and also LED lighting to set the games. An ideal purchase for those looking for cheap headphones with good quality to play.

Get these gaming headphones with microphone and lights at the best price

Being helmets, of considerable size, They have 50mm drivers with which we have an audio quality that is not limited by size. This ensures a good contrast between treble and bass. Of course, in this price range we cannot expect high fidelity, but they do offer us a good quality to differentiate the voice of our teammates from what happens in the game, and also to detect when someone approaches us trying not be located.

The microphone that it has is omnidirectional, and stays very close to the mouth. The quality of the audio we ship is good and clear, ideal for gaming. And a remarkable detail of this microphone is that it is retractable and when folded it remains integrated into the helmets themselves, thus achieving a more minimalist design.

At the level of comfort we find some foam pads that will allow us to play for hours, and a headband that also features foam. We can rotate them without fear that they will hold without breaking, so that will not be the lack of headphones. And the same happens with the cable, having a length of three meters, and being braided so that it does not break. They come with multiple adapters so that we can connect them to the different generations of consoles and also to PCs, counting in all cases with the audio and microphone functions. Y They have a USB to receive power and operate the RGB lighting, which although it is ideal to provide atmosphere, it is not very psychedelic either. One last thing to note is that a small remote with three controls is integrated into the cable, one to mute or activate the microphone, another to turn the lighting on or off, and the volume control.

For 16 euros is an ideal purchase for anyone looking for inexpensive headphones with which to have a good gaming experience on any video game console or PC.

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