The genius of Lowcost Cosplay celebrates the arrival of the Loki series with this original cosplay

Tom Hiddleston turns 10 at MCU playing Loki

The day has come, today comes to Disney Plus Loki, the third series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that lands on the streaming platform of the House of the Mouse. Tom Hiddleston reclaims his MCU role as the God of Deception so we can accompany him through time in a series that promises to lay the groundwork for many future events in Marvel movies and series. And it is that Loki is always planning something, it is his nature.

To celebrate the arrival of the loki series to Disney Plus, the crack of Lowcost Cosplay wanted to decked out to pay tribute to Tom Hiddleston and his iconic character. Naturally, his tribute is inexpensive, and suitable for anyone to do at home.

We just need some golden mayas and a little art with a marker on our abdomen, if we have a tummy, better, otherwise, well, nobody is perfect.

The result, like almost everything Lowcost Cosplay does, speaks for itself. It reminds us a lot of the recreation of the face of Shin Chan that this cosplayer did some time ago. And it does not matter if it becomes Tanjiro of Demon Slayer or get his foot to take the form of Godzilla to crush with more force, the creativity of this man makes us continue to surprise and have fun.

What do you think of the recreation of Loki who has worked Lowcost Cosplay?

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