Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order for PS5 would launch this Friday, according to a recent report

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order for PS5 would launch this Friday, according to a recent report

One of the most important titles of the past 2019, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, left a very good feeling among the community of fans of the Disney galactic franchise. Respawn Entertaiment’s action adventure was popular and allowed us to take down a few Stormtroopers thanks to Padawan Cal Kestis.

With the arrival of the new generation and the technical power of PS5 and Xbox Series X, rumors about a next-gen version of this adventure They did not take long to give way to confirmation by Electronic Arts. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X that will arrive in summer. Will they land earlier? That is what a recent report has established.

As the medium holds The Gamer, who claims to have contacted a reliable source; at least, the PS5 version of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order would be launched this Friday, June 11. The rumor comes from a UK retailer, whose stores would have received physical copies of the game on PS5 today.

The chain’s central office has informed them that there will be an “announcement and launch” on June 11. Of course, it is a rumor, so it will be necessary to walk with lead feet until Friday arrives and the premiere of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order next-gen is confirmed or not. If correct, it seems that we would have a physical version of the game.

For the most clueless, it is important that you know that, if you already played the PS4 or Xbox One version, the game will be updated for free, no need to checkout again. If you have not done this game and you are Star Wars fans, do not hesitate to do so, since the combat system is very successful, as is the design of its levels and manages to capture the Jedi essence.

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