Rumors of Doomslayer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soar again

Rumors of Doomslayer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soar again

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been with us for a few years now, but the game shows no signs of tiredness. This is the result of a really wide roster of characters since it continues to receive permanent visits from other characters on a regular basis. The Fighter Pass continues to provide a lot of play for the Sakurai team.

From the current pass, the next additions are yet to be revealed and it would be very strange if Super Smash Bros Ultimate missed his appointment with him E3 2021 at the next Nintendo Direct. Which character will land in the popular fighting game? Will it be packed with hard metal and blood? Rumors about Doomslayer have exploded again.

The theory that maintains that the character of the Doom saga could appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate comes from a user who could have thrown a bait at Nintendo. Said user shared a Domm Eternal video with the song Lifelight from Smash for the company to issue a copyright warning, causing the video to disappear from Twitter.

This has considerably increased the speculation of many players, who maintain that Doomslayer would come to the game. To all this is also added the M-Theory, a theory that maintains that one of the characters in Fighter Pass Volume 2 will have an adult rating. For the moment, it will be time to wait.

The truth is that the vast majority of rumors about the next characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate have been quite wrong considering the final result. However, since 2016’s Doom and then the Doom Eternal port came to Nintendo Switch, the relationship between Software and the Japanese seems solid.

In fact, the creators of the saga “joked” with Nintendo about including Doomguy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Would you like to see the character distributing as only he knows how to do?

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