Resistance 4 was canceled because of “the excess of post-apocalyptic games”

Resistance 4 was canceled because of "the excess of post-apocalyptic games"

Resistance 4 came to nothing because apparently Sony stopped development of a fourth game for Insomniac on PS3 from the fatigue of the games with the same tone. The company thought there was too many post-apocalyptic games in development back then, something that has reported Colin Moriarty on his Sacred Symbols podcast 153, at 02:03:37.

Moriarty claims, he was told, that the post-apocalyptic game overload in his first part line, featuring Killzone Shadow Fall, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and The Last of Us, was either in development or in pre-production at the time. A kind of problem that PlayStation was “aware” of during the PS3 era, even though all three games in the Resistance series did well and what Insomniac asked to create another.

This happened years before Sony acquired the studio, moments when the studio had a little less influence on the projects it could do. “Resistance 4 was rejected on PlayStation and […] they declined to do so as it sounded a lot like The Last of Us and they didn’t want the two games to overlap. Therefore, Resistance was closed“said Moriarty, a reliable source with friends who worked in the studio and who hardly ever talks about things like that unless he is very sure of it.

The fans of the Resistance saga They will be disappointed, but this decision was made so as not to overload the genre and make it tiring on the console. And, also, that it was canceled then does not mean that now a new installment cannot return, an FPS as such would be very dear since Resistance, Killzone and SOCOM fans crave something new for a long time.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the Insomniac branch responsible for Resistance did Fuse, for Electronic Arts. The company tried to leave behind the editorial weight of Sony, but the game did not have a reception as expected and perhaps it was one of the reasons why it ended in PlayStation Studios.

Resistance 4 wasn’t part of Insomniac’s plans back in 2018, but it didn’t seem impossible

¿What do you think of all this, those of you who remember Resistance with great affection?

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