Real weapons in GTA V and GTA Online through these mods: the best weapons you can add to the game

Real weapons in GTA V and GTA Online through these mods: the best weapons you can add to the game

Weapons in GTA V and GTA Online are there to give and take, just like mods. If you like to build a good one in and around Los Santos, but you are looking for new instruments for your particular role, here is a list of some of the best mods that you can download to add new weapons to the game.

Today we focus on mods that add realistic weaponry within the game, weapons that exist or have existed and that do not alter the outcome of firefights with insanity and other types of effects. Snipers, revolvers, assault rifles, that kind of thing you could find in a Call of Duty, for example.

Real weapons in GTA V and GTA Online through these mods: the best weapons you can add to the game


This mod brings back the mythical weapon that we were able to handle in quantity of game. The mod, which you can now download here, is made with assets from Call of Duty and Battlefield. If you want to build a good one in Los Santos, maybe this very versatile assault rifle is what you are looking for.

Colt M4A1

Another surefire assault weapon is the M4A1. Seen in quantity of shooter game, this weapon can come in handy in your shootings with the forces of the order in GTA V. It can download here and it is very simple to install in the game. offers better modeling than other weapons in the Rockstar title.

Beretta M9

A classic pistol for anyone who loves shooters, action movies or espionage. The Beretta M9 joins the arsenal of players thanks to this mod, now available for to download. Features custom reload animations lovingly recreated and trying to resemble the weapon.

Python 357


If you are one-handed weapons, but of great caliber, the Queen of the Magnums also enters this compilation of mods. The Python 357 arrives in GTA V ready to wreak havoc and is beautifully recreated, with all the details of this well-known revolver. Now you can to download the mod.


We look back, specifically to World War II. If you want to bring a vintage touch to Los Santos, but without giving up the capacity for intense fire, one of the most popular machine guns of the last century is incorporated in this mod. The MG-42 can now download.

AK 47 CS: GO style


We have not been able to pass up the opportunity. The most famous weapon in the world can be obtained in almost any game, but surely not in this aspect. Fresh out of Counter Strike, this AK 47 will delight any tacky in GTA V and we bet there are quite a few who like to mess it up brown. Download here.

MSR – Sniper

For far distances, the MSR sniper will suit you. The mod details all the details of this well-known weapon and applies them so that you can carry it with all its characteristics and firepower. Ideal to cover assaults or robberies and act as a lookout for other colleagues. Download itor here.



Well, there are no surprises here, it is a flamethrower and flamethrower. Ideal weapon for the summer. Now you can download it here.

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