PS5 is updated to version 21.01- system update now available for download

Pros and cons of PS5 after the first months since its launch

PS5 is updated again, just a few weeks after receiving a series of stability improvements. If you wonder what is the nature of this update, it should be clarified that it does not incorporate major changes in the software of the next-gen console. Indeed, Stability improvements have made an appearance again.

Only those details have been offered, although although not much more is added, it is always advisable to install the latest version of the console, to avoid lags and possible inconveniences. Therefore, you can now download it so that PS5 goes to version 21.01- Is update has a weight of about 900 MB.

So, in a sincere tribute to those past PS4 updates that indicated “stability improvements”, its more powerful sister is also receiving these types of updates that guarantee a better functioning of the console. Unfortunately, we do not know what specific improvements are driving these types of updates.

While they could optimize loading times in the PS5 menus, fix sporadic crashes and other small bugs, it is not possible to be sure what is added or what is corrected. Depending on your configuration, the update will either download immediately or begin installing once you start the console. This process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes given its low weight.

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