Overwatch was one of the most popular hero shooter of the last generation on PC and consoles, prompting Blizzard to confirm a sequel. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 2022 to enjoy Overwatch 2 (same case as Diablo IV), although little by little its creators are revealing new details of its gameplay, mechanics and maps.

The Activision Blizzard team has shared a new post on the official Overwatch 2 blog, where they talk about technical aspects, its new graphics engine… but also what the maps of this sequel will be like. This had already been mentioned months ago, but now Blizzard has confirmed that day and night cycles and weather changes they will be a constant in the title maps.

This has been confirmed Fabien Christin, Blizzard Lighting Artist, which ensures that the maps of Overwatch 2 will be very varied, spectacular and that they will even lead to think that they are not the same scenarios. Why? Basically because dynamic change technology will make each map’s weather change randomly, both during the day and at night.

For Overwatch 2, we wanted to create cool new states that would completely change the feel of a location. Imagine traveling to Numbani and seeing the futuristic city illuminated by a warm African sunset” explains Christin.

This new system is called Environmental states, and allows the Overwatch 2 maps to stop being static settings. Each area of ​​each map will have their own settings, which will determine if they are more prone to rains, sandstorms, snow and other types of meteorologies.

Imagine being sent on a mission to the Necropolis to restore connection to an Overwatch satellite link, and as you defend against a Null Sector attack, a sandstorm is rapidly approaching the location and rising around you!

Overwatch 2

Speaking in a more technical way, Fabien Christin breaks down the way elements, lighting, and sound effects interact each. In this way, they make up the scenarios of Overwatch 2, but each of them has several modifications. The key is that all these assets can form different combinations, allowing time and weather cycles.

Overwatch 2 will arrive on PC and consoles next year 2022, still no specific release date. Despite the fact that there will be no Blizzcon this year, the studio is already thinking of a blended event, which would take place in the first quarter of next 2022… and where important details of this long-awaited sequel would be revealed.

Fountain: GamesRadar