Loki’s series is getting an almost round score on Rotten Tomatoes

Loki's series is getting an almost round score on Rotten Tomatoes

It is now available in the Disney Plus Loki catalog, the third series of the Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Scarlet Witch and Vision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which again features the great Tom Hiddleston embodying the 2012 version of the God of Deception, who escaped with the Tesseract after the Avengers raid of 2023 in the movie Avengers Endgame.

Thus, the loki series It starts with the God of Deception being captured by the Guardians of Time, an important organization whose job is to make sure that time flows correctly. When Loki stole the Tesseract, he broke reality, so he is recruited by the Guardians of Time to help restore the damage he has committed and to capture other Variants that are putting the Sacred Timeline in danger.

With the first of the six episodes aired in Disney Plus, the reactions to the start of Loki have not been long in coming and most of them agree that it is being a promising start. This is how it is seen in Rotten tomatoes where, at the time of writing, the Marvel Studios series it has an almost round score of 97 percent.

“A delightful diversion from the MCU as we know it, Loki successfully sees star Tom Hiddleston leap from beloved villain to endearing anti-hero, with a little help from the lovable Owen Wilson, in a series that’s so out of place, lovable. and vaguely dangerous like the demigod himself “, it could be read in one of the Loki criticism.

Criticism of Loki episode 1×01. The MCU’s God of Deception, Deconstructed

With a second season already confirmed, The Loki series is available from June 9, 2021, with a new chapter being broadcast every Wednesday. What did you think of the first episode of Loki?

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