Krom Kernel TKL, one of the best-rated cheap gaming keyboards on Amazon, now costs less than 50 euros

This 60% gaming keyboard with RGB lighting offers a lot, takes up little and costs even less: only 39 euros

Mechanical keyboards are the order of the day in the gaming world, and it is not surprising: they are resistant, durable and very satisfying to type due to their firmness and sound. For this reason, in the gaming world, new mechanical keyboards emerged: 60% keyboards.

60% keyboards do without the numeric keypad to save space on your desk and offer you the most professional gaming experience. One of the favorites of Amazon users is the Krom Kernel TKL, which in addition to being famous is cheap: it costs you 39 euros.

The original price of this keyboard was 49.90 euros, so you save ten euros on your purchase and get, in exchange, a 60% mechanical keyboard excellent to play, which accumulates four stars in almost 1,800 reviews on Amazon.

Krom is a recognized brand in the gaming world for designing keyboards with a very good value for money, and the Krom Kernel TKL is a good example of this: it’s sturdy, it’s durable, and it’s very professional, and all taking up very little space on your desk. Perfect for both novice and demanding gamers.

The Krom Kernel TKL it is ideal for you if what you are looking for is speed of execution And, incidentally, save space in your gaming setup and that the keyboard does not bother you. And it is that prescind the numeric keypad to give you a higher keystroke speed, so you can perform more actions in less time.

It boasts of smooth but effective pulsations thanks to its mechanical switches, in addition to you can assign shortcuts and macros on the fly to any key. And if it was not enough, includes a Gaming Mode that disables the Windows key to save you trouble in the middle of the most intense games, plus a anti-ghosting system and eleven multimedia keys for a smooth and seamless gaming session.

And on a gaming keyboard, RGB lighting could not be missing. The Krom Kernel TKL has RGB lighting on each switch and nine customizable lighting effects to change the speed and intensity of each lighting effect, so you can locate each key at a glance.

In short, you have one of the best-rated cheap gaming keyboards on Amazon for less than 40 euros. And above, you can premiere it tomorrow if you buy it with Amazon prime or Prime Student, since they will take it home with fast shipping and at no additional cost.

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