Halo Infinite unreleased arts are leaked as a calendar

Halo Infinite unreleased arts are leaked as a calendar

In a few days we will know the immediate future of Xbox Series X | SThanks to the presentation of Microsoft and Bethesda as part of E3 2021. We have already told you what we expect from the conference, but without a doubt Halo Infinite will be the absolute protagonist, with a launch window set for next fall. Return of the Master Chief It has generated a lot of expectation… and is not for less.

Last week we shared with you a new official Halo Infinite art, which was used to promote the Microsoft conference, which will take place on June 13. And now, an official 343 Industries title calendar has been unveiled, containing a series of unpublished arts that we had never seen from the Xbox and PC exclusive.

This new Halo Infinite product will be available next September, but its final design can already be seen on the Calendars.com website. It is made up of 12 unpublished arts of the game, which surprisingly had not been disclosed by 343 Industries to date. This may reveal some details of the Halo Infinite settings, plot and characters, whose specific date we still do not know.

In this calendar we can observe a destroyed halo ring, which could mean the definitive destruction of the ring … although Halo Infinite will be set in Zeta Halo. Another art shows the Master Chief being rescued on a Pelican ship, scene that perhaps belongs to the first bars of the game. Let us remember that our protagonist will return in style, to keep fighting the Banished.

You can also observe members of the Banished organization, which debuted in Halo Wars 2 and will have a plot weight in Halo Infinite. All these details and much more can be seen in this calendar, which has also been filtered by the insider Shinobi602. And if you feel like it, you can know some Samples of the great optimization of Halo Infinite in Windows 10.

It is expected that on June 13 we will know new details of Halo Infinite, which will launch on Xbox Series X | S and PC next fall, still no specific date. The Master Chief will return this year, with cross-play between consoles and PC, new optimization, a renewed technical section compared to what was shown last summer and lots of news.

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