Google will allow you to choose the default search engine on Android

Google navegador buscador predeterminado Android

Despite the most recent fine for its cookie policy, more than one will still remember the substantial fine of 4,340 million euros imposed on Google three years ago by the European Union, established after ratifying that the tech giant was violating antitrust rules by including and linking your own search engine in the native applications of your operating system.

However, during these years, the company has been making several major changes to give European users more options, literally with the announcement of a new ability to choose your preferred search provider.

Google initially implemented the options screen with support for up to four providers, including itself, ordered at random. He also announced a controversial auction system through which he added to the screen the three best paying biddersr every quarter. Some search providers such as DuckDuckGo criticized the company for this practice, saying that it incentivized search providers to maximize their profits by violating user privacy.

However, Google is now opening the process for all eligible search providers, with participation that will be completely free to all eligible search providers.

«We have always believed in offering options to people and companies and competing on the merits of our services. Y We know that people choose Google because it is useful; not because there are no alternatives. That is why we will continue to invest in Google and Android Search to make them the most useful products available, and we welcome the open dialogue with the European Commission on these areas.«, Explained the tech giant in the official statement of his blog.

However, while the official announcement was released today, the company has announced that this final set of changes It will not be available until next September. However, it is undoubtedly an important change in the technological scene, and the recurring monopolistic practices seen recently.

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