Genshin Impact now has version 1.6 of the game available with Kazuha, weapons, missions and more

Genshin Impact now has version 1.6 of the game available with Kazuha, weapons, missions and more

After a rather crude waiting time, myHoYo The update has finally been released around version 1.6 of Genshin Impact. That means that you can now launch the update, in case you have not preloaded, the game that adds a new limited area, the new character Kazuha, the function around the partner in the Relaxer, new system equipment, events, missions and more.

Through the Genshin Impact official website you have all the changes and, as always with each update there will be a 300 protogem compensation; 60 for every overtime on the server down. As well as an extra 300 for in-game fixes, look in the mail and claim it all before version 1.6 ends of the game; everyone who is Adventure Rank 5 or higher will be able to claim compensation.

In the 1.6 there will be a new area for a limited time, Klee’s story quest “Trifolium Chapter Act 1: The True Treasure” through “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom” must be completed. These islands will no longer be available after 1.6 and all your rewards will disappear once this version of the game passes.

Kazuha, the new five-star Anemo-type character, he wields the sword and he is a wandering samurai and you will like his story. As for the new team, Oath of freedom it is a five star sword, Midnight Waltz an arc of four stars e Dodoco Stories a four star catalyst.

Now travelers can invite others to your Relaxer to increase your links and earn escort experience points. The swimsuits for Barbara and Jean are now available – here we tell you how to get them – and we will have new events and missions starting at Adventure Rank 21.

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miHoYo has also fixed bugs, glitches and many errors in the game, characters, etc. So, and with everything, Genshin Impact version 1.6 is now available.

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