Elizabeth Olsen insists: Scarlet Witch and Vision season 2 will NOT arrive

Elizabeth Olsen insists: Scarlet Witch and Vision season 2 will NOT arrive

With season 2 of Loki confirmed before the premiere of the series, there are not a few fans who hope that the previous ones will also be renewed Marvel Cinematic Universe series with new seasons. This is something that many wish to see with Scarlet Witch and Vision that, although its plot will continue in the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, its followers hope to see a new season later with Wanda maximoff.

For all those who yearn for a Scarlet Witch and Vision season 2 its leading actress, Elizabeth olsen, have a jug of cold water for them. In a recent interview for Variety magazine (via Screen rant) joined Olsen with Kaley Cuoco, actress especially known for The Big Bang Theory whose new series, The Flight Attendant, has been such a resounding success that it has been renewed for a second season despite being conceived as a self-concluding miniseries.

As a result, Cuoco asked Olsen if something similar could happen with Scarlet Witch and Vision and that it be renewed for another season, to which she replied that “No. No. It is definitely a limited series.” Although Cuoco commented that the same happened with his series, Olsen insisted that there would be no season 2 of Scarlet Witch and Vision, although “with Marvel, you can never say no,” he explained.

Originally intended for a later release at the MCU, complications from the Coronavirus pandemic caused the Scarlet Witch and Vision series opened the new phase of Marvel Studios on Disney Plus. Its intricate mystery and how well the most popular sitcoms of each television decade were captured caused the series to be covered with praise from both critics and the public, so it is not surprising that many want to see something similar again in one. new season.

What do you think Scarlet Witch and Vision won’t have a season 2?

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