Dying Light 2 sheds new details about its protagonist and his extraordinary inhuman powers

Dying Light 2 sheds new details about its protagonist and his extraordinary inhuman powers

Dying Light 2 seems to see the light at the end of the tunnel and this is good for everyone, except for its protagonist. You will understand why. The open-world action sequel detailed a lot of information a few days ago, including its release date, but there is still a lot to know, including some data about the character we will embody in this zombie dystopia.

Techland has released information on Aiden Caldwell, star of Dying Light 2 that will have a very important feature. The protagonist will have extraordinary abilities that any other human being does not possess. This is due to Caldwell’s inhuman powers. Linfection runs through his veins, but he has allowed himself to take advantage of it.

The game’s rendering director, Tomek Szalkowski, shared this information in an interview with Play UK Magazine (via SirusGaming). As the director comments, Caldwell is fascinated by going like goats and doing parkour and that this protagonist will be deeper than the one we saw in the first installment of the saga.

Caldwell’s extraordinary abilities lie in the fact that he is dealing with an infected person At the beginning of the game, he wears a detector / indicator attached to his wrist that signals the state of infection in his body. This can spread and the only way to minimize its effects is to avoid sunlight, so not all are advantages.

So here we are presented with an interesting mechanic that Techland seems determined to explore. You will travel more often through buildings and their interiors and avoid natural light at all costsCome on, what any gamer is used to. What will the outcome of all this be like?

Well, it will be time to check it next December 7 when Dying Light 2 hits PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. In case you want to warm up, you may be interested to know that Dying Light Hellraid receives The Prisoner: a DLC of the DLC with a new story mode.

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