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Our mother house TPNET publishes several headlines to meet the needs of the entire technological spectrum, from large companies to the professional segment and of course the ordinary consumer. One of them is on its premiere and we wanted to introduce it to you.

Very SMEs, one of the leading web portals in Spain specialized in small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers, has been completely renovated with a new template, which while maintaining the quantity and quality of content offers a great visual improvement in all sections of the web and precise adaptation to any device from which you access, be it the screen of a PC or a smartphone, a mobile route increasingly used by many of us.

Template responsive It will sound like you because it is similar to the one used to renew MCPRO and MC, and is that part of the idea is that you feel at home when you visit any of our sites. Of course, the big goal is to improve the attractiveness of the page and increase the comfort of reading articles.

What the new MuyPymes offers you

In addition to a complete renovation of the visual sections, it has been used to carry out a new redistribution of the categories of the site, adapting it to the trends of SMEs and freelancers and specifically the following:

  • Present: recent and general news that concerns the self-employed, as well as small and medium-sized companies, our target audience.
  • Protagonists: here you will see appointments, interviews and any article to see about a specific person or position. If you lower the scroll of the page, you will see that it has a prominent section with an extra large photo for the latest that has been published in this section.
  • Digitization: We could not put aside the main current issue, right now, between small businesses and the self-employed. Here we will talk about technology, digital transformation, projects related to digitization or practical advice on an IT product or service.
  • Resources: general articles or in-depth reports on various topics. You will also be able to see special campaigns for downloads of ebooks, guides, sponsored articles, etc.
  • Special Magazine: every two months, we address in a special way a current topic related to the IT universe and of special interest to our readers. Until the end of June we are with the Digital Signature and, from August, we will launch the Invoicing magazine.
  • SME Printing: MuyPymes has been hosting this special blog about printing for many years. In it we give the best advice when it comes to printing, HP products and how this company is innovating at full speed to offer small businesses everything they need in the printing sector.

We hope you like the changes and enjoy it. The professional and consumer world is becoming more and more connected and there is also news that affects any market segment. On the other hand, we know that some of you are self-employed or have small companies and surely you may be interested in the new one Very SMEs.

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