Devolver Digital announces its “monetization service”: Devolver Max Pass +

Devolver Digital announces its "monetization service": Devolver Max Pass +

Return Digital, publisher of indie games like Gris, OlliOlli, Hotline Miami, Gods Will Be Watching or the saga Serious Sam (to put just a few examples of the dozens of games from around the world that he has published) has for years a site secured at E3, where he takes the opportunity to put black humor (and heavy doses of gore) parodying the clichés of the presentations and in general the entire video game industry.

This year was not going to be less, and they have already announced their online presentation for June 12, at 22:30 CEST (Spanish peninsular time). A few days after it starts, and to start creating hype, Devolver has launched a new video presenting its megaton: a monetization service: Return Max Pass +.

In this video we can see a Nina struthers, the intense presenter of other editions, proposing to what appears to be the CEO of Devolver something that is “new, not too new but new enough to make it look new.” Your answer is the “monetization as a service”Hence the announcement of the Devolver MaxPass + service, which will undoubtedly tighten the nuts on Game Pass and other services.

Of course, it’s all a joke (… right?) Parodying the explosion of streaming services that have been appearing in recent years. What we will see are games, and in a subsequent tweet Devolver announced part of your schedule for this year’s event, with new games from the following studios:

  • Fyling Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior 3)
  • Galvanic Games (Some Distant Memory)
  • Doinksoft (RobotCat)
  • The Phantom Abbys date
  • Death’s Door date

We expect more surprises, but above all we also expect more videos like this, scripted and, probably, with a bloody ending, as usual. In the video we can see, by the way, Cascina Caradonna (the actress who was Dina’s facial model in The Last of Us Part 2) plus, of course, Mahria zook, actress who plays Struthers (It is a fictional character).

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