Cross-play is coming to Overwatch soon, although there will be no cross-progression yet

Cross-play is coming to Overwatch soon, although there will be no cross-progression yet

Overwatch, the successful hero shooter that Blizzard who just turned 5 years old, finally announces the inclusion of cross-play between all platforms. The new director of Overwatch, Aaron Keller, He has announced it in a video, confirming that it will work on all platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, they have not given a date when this update will be available. Cross progression will also not be available (cross-progression), that would allow us to play with a single account and keep all our progress and objects regardless of where we play. However, the Overwatch team is also working on it, although it would come later.

In the video, Keller has given more details about its operation. Console users who want to enjoy cross-play should create and link a account. He has also explained the differences between consoles and PC:

  • By default, a group of console players will play against other console players.
  • By default, a group of PC players will play against other PC players and groups of PC and console players.
  • If you are playing from console but playing with PC users, your team will go to the PC matchmaking pool, playing with PC players or PC and console user pools.
  • Competitive modes will not be able to bring together PC and console players.
  • PC players will not be able to disable crossplay.

To celebrate the arrival of crossplay to Overwatch, which will allow you to play with your friends regardless of their platform (with the aforementioned conditions, yes) all players will receive a free golden loot box.

Presumably, the crossplay will be available from the beginning in Overwatch 2, which by the way will have weather and day and night effects on its maps.

Aaron Keller, by the way, while he’s been involved with Overwatch from the beginning, took over as director recently when Jeff Kaplan left Blizzard, one of many veterans who have left the company in recent years.

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