Creepy new images from Ghostbusters: Beyond

Creepy new images from Ghostbusters: Beyond

One of the many cinematic setbacks that 2020 left us was the delay of Ghostbusters: Beyond, the new film in the franchise that Jason reitman (son of Ivan Reitman, who directed the original films of the 80s) has been in charge of directing. However, this fall we hope to be able to compensate ourselves and see this long-awaited sequel to the eighties films that, in addition, obviates the 2016 reboot directed by Paul feig.

Thanks to IGN we have access to a consignment of images of Ghostbusters: Beyond completely new in which we can see the members of the young cast, as well as a sinister house worthy of the most terrifying of movies.

We can also see how they play it trying to open one of the traps to catch the omnivariants, by levering. So, like crazy, without protective glasses or anything …

One of the great hopes of Ghostbusters: Beyond is that it recovers the essence of the first two films of the franchise. The outcome of the 2016 reboot generated a lot of controversy. The fact that much of the original cast of Ghostbusters is back to accompany this new generation is an added bonus to the Jason Reitman film.

What’s more, Paul rudd He will give a special touch to the franchise with his presence, along with the young cast that will have Finn wolfhard (Stranger Things), Mckenna grace (The maid’s tale), Logan Kim and Celeste O’Connor.

What do you expect from Ghostbusters: Beyond? Will it improve what was seen in the 2016 reboot?

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