Battefleld 2042 design director explains why it has no campaign or battle royale

Battefleld 2042 design director explains why it has no campaign or battle royale

The new Battlefield 2042 It will be a real revolution for the saga, with the largest maps in history, focusing the gameplay on a “sandbox” type; the use of Specialists (characters with special gadgets) instead of traditional classes; and new game modes … among which They are neither campaign mode nor battle royale.

Daniel Berlin, Design Director for Battlefield 2042 at DICE, explained this to Eurogamer. Of the absence of campaign mode, he explains that they have wanted to do without it to focus on their specialty and the DNA of the study: multiplayer. However, this does not mean that there will be no narrative, absolutely.

“We are going to put all our emphasis and resources on going deeper into multiplayer. But 2042 is not a game without narrative. You still have a world focused on narrative, something that you will see through the eyes of the specialists that we are going to introduce. Let’s go through the game-as-a-service model and the seasons, introduce new specialists, and see how the world evolves through their eyes. “

Battlefield 2042 takes place in the near future, a world on the brink of war after a series of natural catastrophes that sank many of the Earth’s countries, who emigrated to the two great powers: Russia and the United States, causing a unprecedented refugee crisis.

Regarding the absence of Battle Royale, Berlin simply says that “We don’t have any plans with battle royale at the moment, but we have other in-game experiences that I can’t talk about right now.“Specifically, it speaks in a way developed by DICE LA, which they will show next month at the EA Play Live event, and which is” a love letter to veteran fans. “

It will be a standalone free to play mode, Call of Duty Warzone style? Berlin acknowledges that they have worked on that model before (Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free), and neither denies nor denies it (“I have nothing in particular to announce today”).

Battlefield 2042 embargo day 9 at 17:10

“Our goal is to move forward with 2042 and make sure it is the best it can be. I believe we offer a multiplayer experience that no one else offers, with the state-of-the-art technology, vehicles, specialists and the dynamic world.”.

Fountain: Eurogamer

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