Apple TV + advances its main launches for the remainder of the year

Apple TV+

After the WWDC 2021 held yesterday and all the news that the Apple event left us, including the new versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS or watchOS … those of Cupertino had more announcements kept up their sleeve, which fortunately did not end in you, nor are they exclusive to the clients they ritually bleed with their devices. We are talking, of course, about Apple TV +.

And like every time we talk about Apple TV +, we must start by pointing out the obvious: what a fan of the apple you have to be to pay the subscription to a service that is a wasteland for the common subscribers of Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Videp, let alone for the brave that they signed up on the day of its premiere and have remained there from the beginning, surviving on the basis of content released in a dropper.

On the other hand, the average quality of those contents released with a dropper is much higher than what Netflix produces, for example, whose strategy is reduced to the user finding something worth watching among tons of filler. This must be recognized to Apple TV +, even when they have had their punctures and have even had to take out their wallets to be able to offer even one movie of the lot with which to remember that they are there.

Quality content that you can watch on Apple TV +? Most, to tell the truth: The Morning Show, For all mankind, Ted lasso, Servant, Mythic Quest… It does not seem like much, considering that the catalog of the video on demand service already consists of more than sixty titles, but removing some isolated clutter, the good-natured content generated to look good in front of the gallery, children’s content, documentaries , etc., the march is not bad at the moment.

To highlight the forced resurgence of franchises such as Amazing tales, Fraguel Rock or Snoopy, whose traction is unknown, but whose impact from the doors to the outside has been null. Stumbling like The Mosquito Coast or See, to give a couple of examples of original productions that promised, it is usual in this type of adventure: there are things that go well and others that do not.

Apple TV + was released worldwide on November 1, 2019, it has been going on for two years now, and it is hard to believe that the invention is being profitable for the company, seeing the regular level of everything they produce. But if quantity cannot match quality, quality without a minimum quantity is not viable either, and those from Cupertino are trying to enliven a catalog that urgently needs news so that at least someone remembers its existence.

Thus, Apple’s latest announcement does not end in you, but on TV +, and includes in a flash all the launches that Apple TV + has prepared to publish throughout the remainder of 2021. There are the new seasons of their star series, such as those mentioned The Morning Show Y Ted lasso; or See, which despite being quite bad has the support of the company for its continuation …

… And there are also pure, hard and long-awaited premieres like the one of the series of Foundation, based on the novels by Isaac Asimov and the biggest challenge Apple TV + is going to face, because taking it to the small screen sounds like all or nothing, like success or failure and… we’ll see; or others who will take their place in the particular grill on the platform, such as Invasion, The Shrink Next Door, Schmigadoon! or Mr corman.

We will be attentive to everything that is cooked and served on Apple TV +, and like every Saturday you will have all its premieres in our VOD news. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite with the following video trailer.

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