A Ratchet & Clank fan creates an impressive life-size Clank replica, and explains how it was made

A Ratchet & Clank fan creates an impressive life-size Clank replica, and explains how it was made

There are only two days left until Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart, the new installment of the saga for PS5, hits stores. This has awakened the furor for the Insomniac Games saga, whose retrospective we could see in the last trailer “ Evolution ” of One Dimension Apart. Many fan arts and merchandise products have been seen, but this replica will leave you speechless

To show your love for the Insomniac Games and PlayStation franchise, Tom Lacey has shared on social networks his own 1: 1 scale replica of Clank, the friendly robot who has been accompanying Ratchet for almost 20 years. Although Rivet has now joined them, the most nostalgic fans have a lot of affection for the character, and even has starred in his own solo adventures.

Through a Twitter thread, Tom Lacey has shown his impressive Clank replica, with several images and also explaining how it was created. It has taken him many months to get it ready, paint it and add the last details … and the truth is that It almost looks like something out of the video games themselves. It shines almost as much as we see in A Dimension Apart, and Tom Lacey certainly deserves a lot of applause for his work.

All the details of Clank are represented in this replica. Head, torso, colors and other minor details, in addition to its shining facade which almost looks like the work of the PS5 SSD. To show its dimensions, it has shared some images of the final result on the street, comparing her with her cat, and even the development process itself, encouraging others to do the same.

Lacey explains that this replica of Clank took place thanks to the base model, taken from a 3D printer, although that was only the beginning. This fan dedicated the last few months to sand and paint the model, add extra materials, recreate yourself with numerous details and take several Ratchet & Clank games as a reference, although it also states that no specific pattern has been followed.

This fan explains in the Twitter thread that the most complicated part of the process were Clank’s eyes. After much hesitation, he decided to recreate the large greenish eyes with clear resin paint and clear chrome Alclad. In addition, he added luminous panels to faithfully recreate the eyes of the little robot.

If you are a fan of Ratchet & Clank, we encourage you to continue Tom Lacey’s Twitter thread. Who knows, maybe you want too create your own Clank replica, and decorate your room, living room or garden with its big green eyes. Too bad he’s not alive … but next June 11 you can soak up his particular humor in A Dimension Apart on PS5.

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