A key Simpsons actor tried to be Joey on Friends … and ended up appearing in the series

A key Simpsons actor tried to be Joey on Friends ... and ended up appearing in the series

It recently premiered on HBO Friends: The Reunion, a special program that brought together the protagonists of Friends 17 years after ending the hit comedy series, discovering some of the most surprising anecdotes and curiosities at the event.

But ten years of broadcast are enough for many curiosities and the program, logically, could not accommodate them all. However, little by little the curiosities of the Friends series in various American programs, including The Late Late Show with James Corden, the Late Night hosted by James Corden (who also hosted the Friends special) where it was recently revealed that a key Simpsons actor was about to play Joey on Friends, although he eventually appeared on the series as another character.

We talk, of course, about Hank azaria, voice of several important personages of The Simpson that lately has given that to speak due to the “controversy” that has turned around the “offensive” interpretation of the personage of Apu. While he ended up playing David, Phoebe’s scientist boyfriend who appeared later on had a recurring appearance on the series, what few know is that he came close to being the face of Joey Tribbiani.

In Corden’s interview, Azaria revealed that she held two auditions for the role of Joey tribbiani, but did not make the cut. “We all read the script and knew it was going to be great,” he said. “I auditioned for Joey, and I didn’t get it, and I was like ‘no, I have to go back, I have to try again.’ So I went back in a second time, and they were very nice watching my audition … Alert on spoiler, I didn’t get the role of Joey. ” Maybe if he had done the same crazy thing that Matt LeBlanc did before being Joey in Friends, maybe they would have given him the role …

Of course It is difficult today to imagine Hank Azaria playing the role of Joey in Friends with the same charm that Matt LeBlanc gave him, although one cannot help but think how the series would have been with Azaria as one of its main protagonists.

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