Xbox Game Pass is a win-win model, gamers and publishers alike, according to Microsoft’s chief marketing officer

Microsoft is named the most innovative video game company of 2021 by a prestigious magazine

If there is something that Microsoft wants to take care of within its games division, it is Xbox Game Pass. The subscription service has become a cornerstone for Xbox for a few months now and with the passage of time, it continues to grow more and more. Eighteen million users are not few and with an expanding catalog, it is expected that as many players will come to your call.

Game Pass is a service that focuses on the player, but also the distribution and development companies. Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela has been talking about Xbox Game Pass at the conference Evercore ISI TMT highlighting precisely this last point.

Capossela mentioned how Xbox wants to change that distinction between PC players and console players and how Game Pass seeks to bring everything together. We have really tried to change the business model the way we approach games to put the player more in the center, the manager explained.

Apart from this, it was also mentioned that Xbox Game Pass users spend 20% of their time playing, play 30% more other genres and play 40% more titles. So for game developers, Game Pass is an amazing way to take your content and present it to gamers. It’s not that the consumer wins and publishers lose. This is a win-win model and we are very excited about it.

I am a huge fan of video games. I myself am a great player. And I love how committed we are to this business. For those of you who are not really familiar with it, games are a huge businessCapossela stressed.

While waiting to know the news of the brand in this E3 2021, there is already interesting news. Scarlet Nexus could be available at launch on Xbox Game Pass. On the other hand, the new Forza Motorsport for Xbox Series X and Series S will be “a great generational leap,” according to its creative director.

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