Where to find the new cosmic chest in Fortnite season 7 and how to open it

Where to find the new cosmic chest in Fortnite season 7 and how to open it

One of those surprises that you will find in your first games of Fortnite Season 7 It is a strange chest that you have never seen before, and that appears inserted inside a diamond that lies floating on the ground, and that apparently is impossible to open.

Something that is quite surprising the gaming community is the cosmic chest, a chest that is floating on the ground inside a diamond with different faces, and that if you manage to open it, you will get a multitude of rewards and bonuses.

We are going to tell you how to locate this chest within the Fortnite season 7 map and also what you must do to open it because it is not easy at all.

Where to find the new cosmic chest in Fortnite season 7 and how to open it

How to locate the new cosmic chest in Fortnite season 7

You will find the new cosmic chest randomly on the map, and the best of all is that it is marked, therefore it is not to be missed.

When the game starts, simply go to the map and see if there are any cosmic chests that are scattered around the map so that you can approach it.

So that you can locate it, it is basically a kind of purple diamond in a somewhat small icon that you can see perfectly on the map.

It seems that the presence of at least two users is required to open it, with what could be a chest that can only appear in those game modes with allies.

How to open the new cosmic chest in Fortnite season 7

This is where the tricky part comes in, because once you get close to the chest and interact with it, you will have to solve a little puzzle.

The chest is inside a floating diamond, and this diamond has many faces. If you shoot or use your pickaxe on these faces you will have to hit the correct face in each of the momentss.

If you hit a face and an X appears, marking it red, it is the wrong one, but if you attack one of these faces and the X does not appear, you are on the right track.

It’s all about hit and miss, but once you hit the correct face, you will have a second to see which is the next correct face to attack.

Fortnite Cosmic Chests

And is that once you hit on a correct face, the next face to hit will be indicated for a moment. If you are fast and agile, you will be able to open the chest without many complications.

Of course, it is likely that during your first attempts it will take up to two or three minutes to open the chest while you hit the different correct faces of the diamond, and that could be a perfect trap for other users to attack you, so you must be careful.

What does the cosmic chest contain

A multitude of weapons, ammunition and add-ons designed more for groups of users, be they duos or squads. Some kind of legendary weapon might also appear to you.

Now you know how to locate the new Fortnite season 7 cosmic chest and also how to open it.

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