Trailer of Derailed, the crazy Interraíl comedy with Julián López, Arturo Valls and Ernesto Sevilla

Trailer of Derailed, the crazy Interraíl comedy with Julián López, Arturo Valls and Ernesto Sevilla

This summer it seems that the thing is going to go of trains in the Spanish cinematographic panorama. If you do nothing we showed you the trailer of A todo tren: Destino Asturias, the new family comedy by Santiago Segura, now it is the turn of Derailed, a less familiar comedy whose plot revolves around an Interraíl.

The history of this comedy film revolves around Pepo, Roge and Costa, three old friends who meet again on the occasion of the death of their friend Juan Luis, whose friendship ended abruptly twenty years ago during a trip on Interraíl, leaving the adventure in half.

As a last wish, the deceased has decided to donate his juicy fortune of 600,000 euros to his old friends, imposing as the only condition that they make the Interrail trip that was left halfway and take his ashes to be able to “live” the experience, having to publish on social networks the trip as a test.

Out of “love” for their friend (or rather for the love of their money), the 40-year-old friends will embark on a wild Interrail adventure as they resolve their past differences and grudges. All of this while touring the same cities and enjoying the same old revelries, but this time in a much more pathetic way.

To whet your appetite for its premiere, Sony Pictures has launched the Derailed trailer, which you can take a look at through the following video.

The cast of Derailed is made up of the actors Julian Lopez (Operation Shrimp, Pain and Glory, Losing the East), Arturo Valls (Camera Café, the film, Doctor Portuondo, Time after), Ernesto Sevilla (Until the wedding do us part, I leave it whenever I want, Pregnant), Dafne Fernandez (Perfect strangers, Dorien, Viral) and Ana Milan (Camera Café, the film, Where two fit, By Ana Milan).

Directed by Fernando García-Ruiz, The film Derailed will be released in theaters on July 23, 2021. What did you think of his trailer?

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