Trailer of A todo tren: Destino Asturias, the new family comedy by Santiago Segura

Trailer of A todo tren: Destino Asturias, the new family comedy by Santiago Segura

From time to time Santiago Segura It has been dissociating itself from more adult cinema with the Torrente saga to focus on family comedies, having in recent years the two installments of Father there is only one, whose last installment resurrected the cinema in Spain with an impressive box office after the slump in theaters due to the Coronavirus.

Following this trail, this summer it will land in theaters A full train: Destination Asturias, the new film by Santiago Segura in which the filmmaker stars and whose script he co-writes with Marta González de Vega, all produced by Bowfinger International Pictures, Atresmedia Cine, Buendía Estudios and Movistar + and distributed by WarnerMedia Company.

Is comedy film tells the story of Ricardo, a responsible father and very focused on the education of his son who, when he decides to take the little one to a camp in Asturias on a night train, several parents take advantage of the situation and propose that Ricardo also take several of his children, having to take care of seven children alone. Everything could go smoothly if it weren’t for the fact that at the last minute he signs up to accompany Ricardo Felipe, grandfather of two of the children and a most extravagant and irresponsible guy.

Before the train starts, Felipe convinces Ricardo to go out for a moment to smoke a cigarette, with such bad luck that they get confused and the train leaves for Asturias with the children without the supervision of the adults. It is then that a crazy chase by the father and grandfather will begin to catch up with the train, as well as a crazy journey by the children where they will do all the mischief they did not dare to do in front of the grown-ups. You can see below the trailer of A full train: Destination Asturias.

Apart from Santiago Segura, the cast of A todo tren: Destino Asturias is made up of the actors Leo Harlem (By the hair, Until the wedding do us part, Super Agent Makey), Luna Fulgencio (The snail house, Kisses in the air, Supernormal), Florentino Fernandez (Bluntly, Torrente 5: Operation Eurovegas), Joaquin Reyes (Camera Café, the film, Valid), David handsome (Lord give me patience, bluntly), Paz Vega (The skin of the drum, The house of the snail) and Safe Mermaid (There is only one father), among others.

The film A todo tren: Destino Asturias will hit theaters in Spain on July 9, 2021. What did you think of his trailer?

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