This is the new way to play with the Call of Duty Warzone controller that has gone viral

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Away from the debates between if it is better command or keyboard and mouse, the community has a new front to look at. Is named georgeroopz on TikTok and when watching a video of another user playing call of duty making fun of people who play with controller in “claw“as he decided to join the battle with his particular way of playing.

This punchy way of playing is holding the controller and with the index fingers are used to press the upper buttons, while the upper buttons heart and ring use the triggers. In the traditional way of playing, the thumbs are used for the entire front of the controller, while the thumbs Indica fingers press upper triggers and sticks.

But this TikTok user, georgeroopz, he is not like any of the two controller users we have described, he has his own face down shape and with the inverted controls. And it’s not a joke or a lie, according to the video he’s been doing it for two years and he knows what this can mean for the rest of the players.

In response to a video suggesting that claw players are “psychopaths,” George demonstrates this technique and explains that he has been told many times that this is a “menace to society“After saying this, turn the controller upside down and play Call of Duty, we leave you the video better because it has no waste.


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He himself has started to respond to some comments that have been made to him frequently, such as: “Are my controls reversed in the game? No, they are not. But the ones in my brain of course“.

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Yes, in TikTok clearly have something to say, some say it’s a “danger to the nation” and one “threat to this world“Others are less concerned and only say that their technique is”.incredibly impressive“.What do you think?

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