A few weeks ago it premiered in Netflix Army of the Dead, the new zombie movie from Zack snyder with which the filmmaker returned to one of his favorite genres, retaking the essence of Dawn of the Dead. The film has had a divisive reception among fans and critics, many of whom find it exaggeratedly long and boring, while others praise many aspects of its technical make-up and Snyder’s recognizable style.

Whether you like or horrify the movie, you are going to love what Screen junkies has done with his “honest trailer” of Army of the Dead, where any aspect of the movie that you have seen get criticized, will appear.

Particularly, that moment of presentation of Dave Bautista “holding back a sneeze” will prevent us from seeing the actor in the same way from now on, even at the risk of spreading us out.

The honest trailer also focuses (ironies of fate) on Zack Snyder’s habit as a cinematographer of blurring the shot, a hallmark of his films (with him in charge of photography) and that bothers many. There is also a lot of fun with his way of approaching the film in general, with a story simpler than the mechanism of a pacifier, decorated with many colors, come on, the essence of Las Vegas. Oh, and special mention also to the “freshness” of the genre.

What did you think of the honest trailer for Army of the Dead?