The best mods with new buildings for GTA V and GTA Online: luxury mansions, cyberpunk, military bases and more

The best mods with new buildings for GTA V and GTA Online: luxury mansions, cyberpunk, military bases and more

If there is a game that allows you to take advantage of mods created by the gamer community, that is GTA V and GTA online. Beyond examples such as cars and dream vehicles or dressing with the appearance of any character we dream of, the modifications also allow us to change the game’s map completely.

Buildings are a fundamental part of GTA V and because of this, they have also been in the eyes of the most ambitious modders. Today we go over a list with some of the best building mods for this title that he does not show fatigue despite the many years he has been active. Take a look at the select variety.

The best mods with new buildings for GTA V and GTA Online: luxury mansions, cyberpunk theme and more

GTA Cyberpunk

If you like futuristic dystopian aesthetics with streets in the purest Cyberpunk 2077 style, there is a mod that rebuilds Los Santos to give it that characteristic touch. Neon-filled streets, narrow passages where the sunlight is not visible … there is everything and you can download it here, where you will also find the installation instructions.

Los Santos – Los Angeles


The city of GTA is based on the popular Californian city. With this mod you will give the appearance that the city should have in reality. This architectural pack includes posters, buildings, signs and all kinds of urban furniture that manages to turn Los Santos into Los Angeles. You may download it here.

Iron Man’s mansion


Before Tony Stark’s home was destroyed, the eccentric Marvel character had a really attractive residence. Located not far from Los Angeles, Iron Man lived in a sumptuous mansion right off the coast. Now, with this mod, you can have it too. Download it here.

New military base


If you are one of those who loves to rob the army in GTA V, you may want to try other challenges. This mod adds a new military base in the Mouse canyon. It is a base that is very difficult to access, so it will surely take a few tries. If you want to steal a fighter, you must to download this mod.

Mario Kart Hyrule Circuit


If what you want is for this to go crazy, here we leave you the mod that will allow you to race on the Hyrule circuit that was included in Mario Kart 8. The layout of the track is practically the same as the original, only the bananas are missing and the shells. Do you want to have a run? Here you can download it.

Luxurious home in Venice Beach


If what you like is to have mansions and houses all over the place, one of the best locations in Venice Beach. This mod incorporates a sumptuous multi-story installation in front of the beach so you can enjoy a contemplative life fruit of your criminal comings and goings. Here you can download it.

GTA of Us


If you are a fan of The Last of Us, you might want to to download this mod that, directly, turns Los Santos into a post-apocalyptic zombie city like in the game The Last of Us. There is not much more to add, we just hope there are no clickers nearby.

Poseidon Mansion


We continue with the vast luxury homes. This time this mod allows you to have among your properties the Poseidon mansion, another luxurious building full of space and with a really distinctive design. Do not doubt download it here.

Tres Lagos Complex


If you are looking for a completely new place to live, this mod that you can already to download, adds a luxury complex with all kinds of amenities located on a lake and only linked by two bridges. You’ll find everything here, including garages, helipads, and a place to dock your boats. Time to move out.

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