Resident Evil Village was the most downloaded PS4 and PS5 game on the PS Store in the month of May

Get the treasure of Heisenberg's hammer in Resident Evil 8 Village - location of the two pieces

The digital format is becoming increasingly fashionable, and it is clear that it represents the most immediate future for video games. PlayStation has always maintained its commitment to the traditional physical format, but that does not mean that it does not focus its efforts on improving the services of the PS Store, such as PS4 game preloads, pre-orders or upgrades to PS5 versions.

PlayStation has announced which are the most downloaded PS4 and PS5 games during the past month of May from the PS Store. And, first of all (or maybe not), Resident Evil Village is the most downloaded PS4 and PS5 title in the last month. Recall that Capcom’s game went on sale on May 7, in different editions and even in a package with Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil Village outperformed the competition on the PlayStation Store charts for May, which earned the survival horror adventure the first place, not only on the US and EU PS5 charts, but also the EU PS4 chart” Sony states on the official PlayStation blog.

Resident Evil Village is not only a great video game within the Capcom saga, but also a rebirth for all Resident Evil 4 fans. The title has been very successful in Europe, America and even Japan, despite its beginnings they were difficult. The platform on which it has sold the most is PS4 globally, although in the US the PS5 version has been the most successful.

The podium of the most downloaded games of the month of May is completed, at a general level, FIFA 21 and MLB The Show 21. The two sports titles they have not managed to surpass Resident Evil Village, although it must be said that the list provided by PlayStation includes different genres and categories.

For example, speaking of the list of most downloaded PS4 games in the United StatesIt’s surprising that Rust: Console Edition has surpassed the lovely Lady Dimitrescu. Recall that the Double Eleven game it arrived in stores on May 21, and in its Ultimate digital edition it includes a good series of cosmetics and complementary elements.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The list of PS4 in the US is completed with Mass Effect Legendary Edition and GTA V, which could not reach Resident Evil Village and Rust: Console Edition. The remastering of the Bioware trilogy was one of the star releases of last month, while the Rockstar sandbox is already a regular on the charts around the world.

In the category of free to play, Call of Duty Warzone was the most downloaded game for PS4 from PS Store, although we remember that it can also be played on PS5 (a native version for the Sony console will arrive). Beat Saber was the winner in the PS Store VR game category.

Fountain: Kotaku

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