Playdate pre-orders open in July: new details on the most amazing handheld console

Playdate pre-orders open in July: new details on the most amazing handheld console

We finally know more details about Playdate, the new portable console created by Panic (publishers of Untitled Goose Game) that has many peculiarities. Where to start? Everyone their games are exclusive, you will not be able to find them anywhere else. It only has a crosshead and two front buttons … but you will also play with one crank on the right.

The screens have a resolution of 400×240, it’s black and white only and it does not have feedback (although they say that it can be played even by candlelight). Far from being a limitation, its unique graphic style will be one of its attractions when it comes to creating distinctive games and graphics … and they have caught the attention of Lucas Pope, creator of Return of the Obra Dinn, to make one of Playdate’s exclusive games, Mars after Midnight.

Other of its greatest peculiarities and attractions is its way of distributing the games. Iran by seasons: each week you will receive two new games, over 12 weeks, composing a total of 24 games in its initial catalog (all free).

This weekly rhythm is part of their charm – they allude to the excitement of waking up each week and finding out what new games I’ll have today. Some will be better or worse, longer or shorter, but surprise and anticipation will be part of the experience and will allow you to enjoy them more calmly, like who is following a television series. In fact, in lto web page you can see a preview of each game, but there is an option to hide them and avoid spoilers.

All games have been developed by external indie studios around the world, including Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari Damacy. They also have an agreement with Sweet Baby Inc., an organization to support developers of marginalized groups.


But that’s not all: they have also created a website in which you can create your own games for Playdate from the browser, which you can later connect to the console (which has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections).


Another of the cuckiest novelties announced today is this accessory, for sale separately, which will make stereo speaker from which you can listen to a music playlist, created by Panic (it doesn’t seem like we can use it with our music). In addition, it will serve to charge the console, and as a pencil holder! The pen will be included with the pack.


Pre-orders for Playdate will open in July … but sadly no release date. Yes we know its price, of 179 dollars, about 147.12 euros. Panic has promised that although the reserves are exhausted, its intention is that Playdate does not have a limited circulation, but that it can be purchased over time … as long as its possibilities of manufacturing more units in the middle of the pandemic allow it.

The exact opening date for Playdate bookings will be announced one week in advance, as we said, during July 2021. What do you think about this idea?

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