Phil Spencer praises Cory Barlog after taking God of War Ragnarok delay for harassing Alanah Pearce

Phil Spencer praises Cory Barlog after taking God of War Ragnarok delay for harassing Alanah Pearce

It is not very strange nowadays to see the Xbox and PlayStation worlds collide today, for the better, by the RRSS based on various decisions. However, this time it has been two well-known people in each of the brands, Phil Spencer for Microsoft’s, Y Cory Barlog for Sony’s, which have starred in these comments.

If you remember well, the last friday we tell you that Barlog had charged with the delay of God of War Ragnarok after harassing a member of the team. This has led to the praise of a direct to a director who, beyond the good gesture that is per se, once again demonstrates the mutual respect what is between the two.

Again on Twitter, Spencer has responded to the tweet where Barlog charged with the delay of Ragnarok, but best of all is what you have done with a simple, yet elegant message. The head of the Xbox division told Barlog in response: “This is what leadership means. Well done“praising and praising the decision as a manager and in defense of his team.

Later, just a few hours later, the Barlog responded to Spencer’s tweet with a “Thank you very much, my friend“. This situation does not mean anything about the whole situation that has been seen by the delay of God of War Ragnarok, but it does serve to remind you that console wars are of little use because developers from different companies are very close through RRSS.

Despite PlayStation and Xbox have different visions and games, it is not a bad thing to remember that you can enjoy both without falling into disqualifications. In the end, they both want to create games that fans can enjoy.

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¿What do you think of all this?? Although the game was delayed and also reaches PS4, as soon as we wait for it we will be playing the new installment of God of War.

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