Olympus 2207, the awesome Russian mod for Fallout 2, already has an English translation

Olympus 2207, the awesome Russian mod for Fallout 2, already has an English translation

The most nostalgic players will remember fondly Fallout 2, one of the best western RPGs of all history, which came to PC in 1998. You may not have heard of it, but it’s definitely worth a look if you liked Fallout 3, New Vegas, or the more recent Fallout 4 or Fallout 76. And if you decide to play it, you should also consider its numerous mods for PC

One of the best mods available for Fallout 2 is Olympus 2207, which places a plot completely removed from the Interplay title but under its graphic aspect. Launched in 2014, the bad news was that was only available in its original Russian language… something that has already been fixed, because its creators have announced an english translation.

Olympus 2207 presents us a deep RPG story, set in the world of Radius and that rescues many of the characteristics of Fallout 2: its progression system and abilities, the depth of its dialogues or its technical aspect. However, it incorporates great novelties such as a new hacking system, new missions and characters, totally new mechanics and much more.

The game takes place in the year 2207 in the Silicon Valley region of the US The Great War of 2013 created an irradiated wasteland, and while some managed to escape to makeshift shelters (or a luxurious vault called Livos), many They had to adapt to new conditions on the evolutionary genetic level. However, some lucky survivors found themselves inside a skyscraper called Olympus when it all fell apart. The game focuses on this skyscraper, which everyone in the wasteland seems desperate to get inside” says the official description of the mod.

The quality of this translation to English seems to be more than decent, at the level of voices and texts. It is not available in Spanish, but this is something that already happens to the original Fallout 2 (unless you download a translation made by fans, of course). You should know that Olympus 2207 overwrites all saved files from Fallout 2 upon installation, so try to make a backup before downloading the mod.

The good news does not end there, as the creators of Olympus 2207 have confirmed that already they are working on a sequel to the mod, which will also be playable from Fallout 2. It’s Olympus 2249, with new regions, new main story and a new protagonist. They have not provided a release date, although they admit that they have been working on it since 2017.

If you have Fallout 2 and you want to discover a new post-apocalyptic story, feel free to download Olympus 2207 and the new English translation … unless you are an ax to the russian, Sure. We promise it will be a very difficult role-playing experience to beat, so be prepared.

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