Nintendo Switch Pro was able to mount an AMD chip, but it was impossible to reach an agreement

Nintendo Switch Pro AMD NVIDIA

We have been quite busy for a week with Nintendo Switch Pro, a console that has not yet been officially announced, but which according to various information should be presented before the end of this month of June. Although the sources do not agree, everything seems to indicate that we will meet her from the 12th, that is, this Saturday, a price of 399 euros and it will have.

During the last weeks we have seen some of its most important keys. Nintendo Switch Pro should maintain the concept of hybrid console qWhat we saw in the original model, which means that it will work both as a laptop and in dock mode, and it will receive a major update at the hardware level that will allow it to offer greater performance in games.

In this sense, the most important thing would be the inclusion of a new NVIDIA Tegra chip, which will not only be more powerful than the current Tegra X1 used by Nintendo Switch, but will also be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, such as the DLSS, which applies an intelligent image reconstruction process to create, combining several images at a lower resolution, an output image with a quality equal to or even better than the native one.

Other improvements that affect different components are not ruled out, such as an increase in the amount of available RAM, or increased storage capacity, but this topic hasn’t been leaked yet, so it’s totally up in the air, and we’re not at all clear which way Nintendo could go. All in all, I dare say that we will see, at the very least, an increase in storage capacity.

Nintendo Switch Pro will use a Tegra chip manufactured in 5nm process

That’s what they say the latest rumors, and the truth is that it makes sense. 5nm is an industry standard for high-performance SoCs for mobile devices, so consider a next-generation NVIDIA Tegra chip made in the TSMC 5nm node fits without any problem.

At the spec level, that chip will have a more powerful CPU, and will have a GPU equipped with tensor cores to work with DLSS technology. Its architecture has not transcended, but it is rumored that it will be able to reach a frequency of 1 GHz in dock mode, and up to 768 MHz in portable mode. The screen resolution of Nintendo Switch Pro will be 720p, and it will be able to reach up to 120 FPS, but it will be limited to 60 FPS.

As for dock mode, it is said that Nintendo Switch Pro will be optimized to work with 1440p resolution, but in other information we saw that said console was going to be able to rescale without problems to 4K thanks to DLSS. Several developers would already have development kits in their hands, so the Nintendo Switch Pro game catalog should grow at a good pace, once it is released. It is important to remember that Nintendo Switch Pro and Nintendo Switch will coexist for a time, which means that both consoles will receive the same games.

Although this new information makes sense, there is a detail that has left me a bit misplaced, and that is that the source says that Nintendo was considering using an AMD chip on the Nintendo Switch Pro, something that was negotiated for three years but did not come to fruition in the end. Maybe the big N valued a chip change, but it makes little sense for the complications it would entail in order to maintain game development in an environment of shared coexistence with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite (it would be a major obstacle for developers) .

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