Nintendo Switch is updated to version 12.0.3, although without much news in sight

What could be the launch price of a future Nintendo Switch Pro?

The Nintendo Switch console is still a huge bestseller, although it’s no secret that the Big N is preparing a new model… what could be presented before E3 2021. However, current Switch models continue to offer very attractive features, a large catalog of games and new updates to improve system performance.

A) Yes, Nintendo has released a new update for Nintendo Switch today, which is now available for download. It’s about the version 12.0.3, a revision of what firmware 12.0.0 offers, although there are no major improvements. It is usual that these updates serve to offer better console performance, waiting to see if the dataminers find anything interesting.

This new Nintendo Switch update focuses on improve the overall performance of the console, without specifying which functions have been retouched. However, it needs to be downloaded and installed (it takes a few seconds) to be able to use the networking functions of the hybrid console.

To download the update, just you must go to Settings and look for the Console tab. There you will find the option to apply the latest update available for your Nintendo Switch. On a few seconds you will have finished installing it, although it is only a routine revision of version 12.0.0. launched a few months ago.

The last major update for Nintendo Switch was version 11.0.0, which added interesting functions for the hybrid console. Among them, stood out a new Switch Online tab, the ability to transfer screenshots to iOS and Android devices, a trend function and much more.

It must be remembered that, many times, dataminers find eye-catching references in updates for Nintendo Switch. For example, in its day a reference to Bluetooth functions to connect headphones and other devices was discovered, or indicative of what the next Nintendo Switch Pro will be. At the moment, Nintendo has not revealed the new Switch model, although it is a matter of weather…

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