New Images of the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black DualSense Controllers, Releasing June 18

Apple is selling the PS5 DualSense controller in its online store

When Sony first introduced the PS5 DualSense controller, many gasped … but others missed the color black. The PlayStation brand has always been associated with black (with the exception of PSX gray), so it is not surprising that the community asked for new DualSense models in other colors. Cast will come true very soon.

First we had the DualSense interchangeable shells, unofficial products but approved by Sony. However, On June 18, two new models of the PS5 controller will arrive in stores, which change the standard black-white for two very striking colors.

Sony introduced these two controls a few weeks ago. The models midnight black and cosmic red they are extremely beautiful, and are certainly a great alternative for those who want more variety to play with their PS5. Both controls They are identical in technology and performance to the original DualSense, with a price of 69.95 euros (57 euros in special Amazon offer).

Midnight Black Presents two subtly different shades of black with light gray accents to reflect how we see space through the night sky” Sony said in its presentation.

A few days after both controls reach the stores, the Japanese portal Game watch has unveiled Exclusive new images of DualSense Midnight Black and DualSense Cosmic Red, both from the controls themselves and from the official packaging. These are the same as the standard PS5 controller, but it cannot be denied that they are very attractive designs and different from what has already been seen.

Cosmic Red offers a striking design in black and red inspired by the only vivid shades of red found throughout the cosmos

As with the standard DualSense, these PlayStation 5 controllers are equipped with the latest technology. The haptic functions will allow you to experience never-before-seen gaming sessions, thanks to Zone vibration, adaptive triggers, and sleek, ergonomic design. Remember that they are powered by a battery, which you can charge using the USB Type-C cable included in the box.

We have inserted a gallery with some of these images, although you can see all of them from the website of Game watch (they are around 80). Both models of the PS5 controller will hit stores on June 18, and many other colors are expected to arrive in the future, as happened with the DualShock 4 on PlayStation 4.

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