Mozilla Ideas: what can you think of to improve Firefox?

mozilla ideas

Mozilla Ideas is a new portal that works both as a meeting point with its user community and a granary and sieve of, as its name implies, ideas: ideas with which to help Firefox evolve and, perhaps hopefully, raise the head to face a future that does not present anything rosy.

That Firefox is not running smoothly nor does it look like it can counteract the situation in which, in part, it has been plunged by a very bad management of Mozilla itself, it is no secret for those who have followed the vagaries of it in recent years. years. On the other hand, Firefox is a Rare avis, one of a kind– The last remaining popular web browser whose back-end technology is not based on Chromium.

Firefox is also a browser that is above average in terms of functionality, even though almost everyone has put the batteries in this regard. However, Can Firefox be improved? That’s what Mozilla Ideas is about, whose purpose is not restricted to improving Firefox as such, but is broader. Also, it is not a question that is answered with a simple “reaching Chromium performance”, because that is not the point.

According to the official description of the project, Mozilla Ideas is about…:

“This is where we cultivate our next generation of ideas, designs, experiments and products. You can take a look at the big issues we’re working on, the challenges we’re exploring, and bring your ideas to the conversation as we shape and ship our next generation of software and services. “

So this Mozilla Ideas invention works as you expect: the new user registers an account and can now propose the ideas they have to improve the browser, or assess and discuss the ideas that others have contributed. The few that exist at the moment suggest changes in the browser interface, design tweaks, in the tabs, data synchronization, privacy …

But Mozilla Ideas is not just about providing a space for enthusiastic users to brainstorm; also the browser developers are there, speaking directly with users and taking all the good that comes out of the discussion to where it belongs, which is the browser development channels. Hopefully Mozilla will listen and Firefox will benefit from it.

To comply with tradition, however, even an a priori positive initiative such as Mozilla Ideas has already had its dose of criticism, and that is that the portal has been set up under a third-party service, it requires creating an account and there are Firefox users so susceptible to these things – for privacy-related reasons – that they don’t overlook it.

All in all, the idea of ​​Mozilla Ideas, worth the redundancy, is not bad. Now alone Mozilla needs to take it seriously because you need all the help possible to stay current… and no one is going to support you like your diminished but resilient user base does.

More information in Mozilla Ideas.

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