Marvel presents Death of Doctor Strange. The end of the character?

Marvel presents Death of Doctor Strange.  The end of the character?

Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange) is one of the marvel characters more representative. Since its appearance in Strange Tales # 110 In 1963, Stephen Strange has become the greatest exponent when it comes to dealing with mystical or supernatural themes in the comics of the House of Ideas. However, Strange’s time as Earth’s magical shield could come to an end in the pages of Death of Doctor Strange.

Marvel comics has announced the new miniseries centered on the Supreme Sorcerer, who has avoided calamities and invasions of all kinds over the decades, but who has now left Earth defenseless in his absence.

We enter the spoiler zone. Death of Doctor Strange will focus on the events after the mysterious murder of Stephen Strange. The Earth no longer has its Supreme Sorcerer, which opens the door to new stories (and new characters).

Jed mckay He explained that he really wants to tell the world what would happen if Doctor Strange is not there to protect humanity. The writer declares himself an unconditional fan of the character, which is why he affirms that it has been a bittersweet feeling to address death in the comics. Death of Doctor Strange will change the future of Marvel from the month of September and it will have five numbers that will narrate the end of the iconic character.

Do you think it will be an absolute farewell to Stephen Strange in the main timeline of Marvel comics?

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