Kevin Feige claims Loki’s series was already on his mind when Avengers: Endgame was filmed

Kevin Feige claims Loki's series was already on his mind when Avengers: Endgame was filmed

There is nothing left to enjoy in Disney Plus by Loki, the third series of the Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Scarlet Witch and Vision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier and that will feature again Tom Hiddleston embodying the God of Deception, being one of the most anticipated productions by Marvel fans.

The new one disney plus series It will set the events of Avengers Endgame and focus on the evil Loki of the past, whose timeline was altered when the Avengers travel to the events of the Avengers movie to gather the Infinity Stones, ending the thing with Loki escaping with the Gem of Space.

Under this premise, the Loki series begins with the God of Deception being captured by the Guardians of Time, an important organization whose mission is to ensure that time flows correctly. When Loki stole the Tesseract, he broke reality, so he is recruited by the Guardians of Time to help restore the mess he has committed.

Although it took time to confirm the loki series, it seems that the project was already in mind while recording the Avengers: Endgame movie. At least that is how the president of Marvel Studios has confirmed it Kevin Feige during a press conference held yesterday in which we had the opportunity to be present.

Feige said that when Avengers Endgame and the scene of Loki’s escape were filmed, they already knew that Disney + was coming and that they would do something specific with the character, although they had yet to give a final shape to the series. He also commented that although he is not entirely sure, he believes that during Avengers: Infinity War they still did not know anything about this, but in Endgame they already had the project in mind.

Season 1 of Loki will hit the Disney Plus catalog on June 9, 2021We have already had the opportunity to see the episode and we will tell you how the new series starts in our review of Loki 1×01.

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