How to defeat Doctor Slone and get her pulse rifle in Fortnite season 7

How to defeat Doctor Slone and get her pulse rifle in Fortnite season 7

One of the main characters that we have in this new season 7 for Fortnite is the Dr. Slone, and that not only stands out for its bravery, but also because it boasts a pulse rifle that you will surely want to get.

How do we know you are going to want to get this Mythical Doctor Slone rifle Before anyone else to fully enjoy Fortnite season 7, we are going to tell you where this character is because you are going to have to defeat her if you want to “borrow” her weapon.

So we are going to tell you where to find Dr. Slone in order to defeat it and obtain this very powerful weapon that will allow you to choose many options to win the game.

How to defeat Doctor Slone and get her pulse rifle in Fortnite season 7

Where is Doctor Slone in Fortnite season 7

Very easy, it is waiting for you right in the center of the map, where the Spire used to be, and now there is a kind of purple crater.

Just get closer to the area, and locate the character swarming, but don’t get close yet.

How to beat Dr. Slone

You must follow exactly the same strategy as with previous bosses in past seasons. So land in the central area of ​​the map, but go find a lot of ammunition and weapons, and when you are ready, locate the enemy, and try to find some type of structure in the area to place yourself in the upper area.

Once you have it within range, start shooting without any kind of contemplation at its head, and as soon as you have good weapons and lots of ammunition, you can defeat the enemy without too many complications.


Note that Doctor Slone has a huge life bar, so we advise you to collect much more ammunition than normal, so as not to be left in the middle.

Statistics on Doctor Slone’s Pulse Rifle

Once you’ve defeated her, you can go over to pick up her pulse rifle that has these stats:

  • 38 player damage
  • 16 round magazine
  • 4.2 Fire Rate
  • 2.67 sec reload time

Of course, you are going to have a lot of competition, because now everyone is rushing to the central area of ​​the map to face this enemy, so perhaps getting your pulse rifle is one of the most complicated things in these first hours.

We’ve already given you details on the Season 7 update, the Battle Pass, map changes, and what those Cosmic Chests are.

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