How long will the first two episodes of Loki be?

New behind-the-scenes video of Loki coming to Disney + on June 9

Most fans of Marvel do not fit in themselves of expectation before the imminent arrival of the Loki series to the catalog of Disney Plus. Tomorrow, Wednesday June 9, Tom Hiddleston go back to Marvel Cinematic Universe with his iteration of the God of Deception through a series that will follow the events of Avengers Endgame, where he escapes with the Tesseract of the Battle of New York, so that we will be facing an unredeemed version of the character.

Diego Andaluz, from DiscussingFilm, has revealed the duration of the first two episodes of the loki series, noting that the first of them will last for 51 minutes, while the second will last 54 minutes.

However, it is possible that this footage will be expanded in the face of the arrival of the Marvel series to Disney Plus, more than anything because the platform usually includes the dubbing credits, while in the screeners that are provided to the press are not included.

The length of the episodes, in addition to the fact that the first season of Loki will have six episodes, puts it on the level of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, in terms of length, while Scarlet Witch and Vision had more episodes. short. One of the advantages of Disney Plus, and of streaming platforms in general, is that they are not so inflexible when it comes to allowing duration changes, unlike traditional television networks, which must maintain a specific order in the broadcast. programming grid.

Are you looking forward to Loki starting on Disney Plus?

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