Get the absolute record for XP in a single catch in Pokémon GO

Get the absolute record for XP in a single catch in Pokémon GO

Since the launch of Pokemon go In the summer of 2016, the community of the title has grown exponentially, and it could be said that it is one of the few games of that date that continues to have a large number of players behind it in the middle of 2021, with events practically every year. months and thousands and thousands of users setting trends.

The Pokémon community a few days ago marked a new milestone in this regard of the amount of experience gained from a single cast and catch in the title, an impressive figure that has left a large part of the players amazed.

This record has been obtained by the user AirBenderSteven who has shared his milestone on networks such as Reddit or Twitter, pointing out that to reach the number of 73,760 experience points in a single capture, made use of a series of accumulated bonuses.

For example, you received a bonus for catching a Swirlix for the first time, he also got an excellent curved throw, all in one shot and with the effect of a lucky egg, among other things.

If you have played Pokémon Go, you will know that it is practically impossible to reach these experience figures in a single launch and capture, but this record verified by the community makes it clear that in order to overcome it, different important circumstances must be given, even being lucky. sideways.

It is likely that until Niantic includes new bonuses in the game, and during the process of a particular event, it does not seem close in time that this record of experience can be beaten in a single roll and capture.

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