Get a Nintendo Switch Neon 2019 for 314 euros and with free shipping from Spain

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If you have been behind a Nintendo Switch since its launch but have not yet decided to get one, now is your chance, because you have one of the most attractive and striking models at a slightly more affordable price.

And is that on eBay you have a Nintendo Switch Neon 2019 for 314 euros, a model that respects the classic red and blue colors of this hybrid console, but much more attractive to show off its name, Neon.

This model It respects the design of the Nintendo Switch and the differences with it are not many, but they are significant, starting with a much more striking and attractive color of its blue and red Joy-Con, respectively.

On top of that, it boasts a battery boost of two more hours thanks to a new rechargeable 13.6 Wh lithium-ion battery. Minor changes in the console architecture are added, such as a new SoC (System on Chip), a new type of storage and another CPU board.

For the rest, it is a Nintendo Switch to use with everything that makes it different from the latest Nintendo console: a hybrid model with 32GB of storage and ready to play the best recent titles of the Big N, such as the now legendary Breath of the Wild.

The box includes the console, two blue and red Joy-Con controllers (left and right, both on leash), support for these controllers, the Nintendo Switch dock, a power adapter and an HDMI cable. Just enough to start enjoying a wide catalog of games not only from Nintendo, but also from other well-known and independent developers.

The console has free shipping from Spain And if you order it today, it will arrive this week. And if what its box contains seems little to you, you can always bring out the full potential of your new hybrid console with these essential accessories for Nintendo Switch, even with some more original accessories.

Take advantage and get this Nintendo Switch Neon 2019 for 314 euros to finally enjoy some of the most revered titles of recent years. Take advantage of its free shipping and receive it as soon as possible to start giving the controls.

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