Fortnite Update 17.00: UFOs, Alien Customization, and More New for Season 7 (Patch Notes)

Fortnite Update 17.00: UFOs, Alien Customization, and More New for Season 7 (Patch Notes)

Epic Games has once again opted for a season finale without a big event, and a beginning of season 7 that has started with a trailer to explain the history of this new season. And now, it’s time to detail the What’s New in Fortnite Season Update 17.00 and see what changes, news and adjustments have been made in the Today’s Fortnite update.

New skins, cosmetic elements of all kinds, a new plot related to aliens, map changes and much more comes to Fortnite today with Season 7. So, if you wonder what changes brings Fortnite in its season 7, you are in the right place, because we are going to include up to patch notes.

Fortnite Update 17.00: Season 7 News and Changes (Patch Notes)

Apart from the new areas on the map, the skins and new playable mechanics, Fortnite Season 7 it has already shown many more secrets. Although it is still early days, the first weight changes in Fortnite update 17.00 have already been noted.

We have new objects, a map with news, new weapons and objects that arrive and others leave the battle royale mode and a few relevant changes and corrections. We will keep updating as more news is announced in the patch notes.

New map of Fortnite season 7

Although there is not a great succession of changes with respect to season 6, the new map does present important variations. For example, we now have the crater instead of La Aguja or Corriente Complex instead of Colossal Crops. You can check the changes more in depth here.

Battle pass

The Battle Pass presents us with significant changes and adjustments. To get started, the battle stars have returned, but with a significant variant. Each time a player levels up, either by playing and completing challenges to earn XP, 5 more Battle Stars will be earned.

These stars can be used to get and unlock rewards in the order the player prefers, another change more than important. However, each page of the Battle Pass includes a special locked reward, which can only be obtained when you acquire the rest of the rewards on that page.


In addition, another mechanic that we already saw in the past, as it will be customize Kymera, a shapeshifting alien featuring over 800,000 different combinations. To do this, you will have to collect alien artifacts scattered around the map.

UFO pilots

UFOs can not only be controlled by aliens. Players will be able to shoot them down and get hold of the special ships with which they can fly over the map or dominate from above in the confrontations. Although we will have to be careful with Superman, we will not be the only beings with the possibility of flying.


New weapons

Of course, to face the aliens we will have a very new arsenal of weapons, to which more will be added as the season passes. At the moment, we already have reconnaissance scanner, railgun, or pulse rifle. We’ve also seen Kymera’s ray gun in action.




New features are added such as a HUB controller device, a central island template, the prefabs will include glass and much more. We leave you with the main changes that add to the creative mode this season:


  • HUD controller device added. This device allows you to hide elements of the HUD from players that are not relevant during the game to refine the experience. With this device, the following HUD items can be disabled: All, Minimap, Info Box, Storm Timer, Player Counter, Kill Counter, Round Timer, Round Details, Build Menu, Player Inventory , equipment info, health, shields, battle pass experience UI, resources (wood, stone, metal and gold), pickup relay, reticle, equipped item info.
  • A new option has been added to the Cheat Box device. Reset after: (select a range between 1 second and 10 minutes) This option will cause the cheat box to automatically reset after the set time elapses.
  • A new option has been added to the sequencer device. Send Player Info: Yes, No (Default: No) If set to “Yes”, the sequencer will transmit a signal for all pulse-activated devices to consider the instigator player to be the player who activated it.
  • Class restriction options have been added to the following devices: Player Spawn Platform, Player Checkpoint Platform, Teleporter, Condition Button.
  • New functionality has been added for the vending machine. The 3 items added to the vending machine can now have separate resource costs in wood, stone, metal, or gold.

Visual effects update on devices

  • Player Health Device
  • Save point device
  • Race manager device
  • Racing checkpoint device

Gameplay fixes

  • Fixed several bugs affecting the damage volume device.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the creature locator to not spawn demons correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players’ peaks to change when using a dressing room.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a Choppa from being able to deal damage with a bow.
  • Fixed a bug where, in some games, the pre-game wait did not correspond to the time set to start automatically.

Island fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the “My Island” option to be grayed out.
  • Fixed a bug that caused memory usage to artificially increase on XL islands.

UI fixes

  • Inventory icons for the HUD Controller, Save Point, and Race Checkpoint have been updated to correspond with updated gadget materials.
  • A custom item filter has been added to the inventory, making it easy to find galleries with customizable items.

Tool bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where phone booths could be used without the usual restrictions.



  • As of June 13 the Bolontius and his cannonballs return to this mode.
  • Starting June 20, 2021 at 02:00 CEST, you will be able to join the other Commanders in Blast Wasteland and fight the Husks with the return of the improved Rage Meter modifier. Also note that the level rewards and experience earned in Adventure have been updated to match those of previous seasons.
  • Return the Missions of the Deceiver.
  • Dennis is back – Standard Perk: Burger Upgrade Eliminations have an 8% chance to drop a burger. Burgers grant 53 Base Health and 5 Energy every second for 3 seconds – Commander Perk: Burger Upgrade + Eliminations have a 15% chance to drop a Burger. Burgers grant 85 Base Health and 8 Energy every second for 3 seconds.
  • Jonesy rex Also Arrived – Standard Perk: Saurian Strength. Every second 3% of current health is added to the damage of the ranged weapon’s next hit – Commander Perk: Saurian Strength + Every second 9% of current health is added to the damage of the ranged weapon’s next hit.
  • The call chachi he’s back.


Fortnite season 7 opens its doors. Now it only remains to discover everything new about this season for yourselves.

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