Emilia Clarke talks about Secret Invasion, the UCM project in which she will participate

Emilia Clarke talks about Secret Invasion, the UCM project in which she will participate

Emilia clarke He starred for 9 years in one of the most popular series of all time: Game of Thrones. His time in Westeros may be over (giving up the baton to the multiple spin-offs in development), but he will soon join another franchise no less important: the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Serie Secret invasionCurrently in pre-production for Disney +, it will star Emilia Clarke in an unknown role, sharing the screen with Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Olivia Colman and Kingsley Ben-Adir. The plot will follow the invasion of an alien race, the skrulls, which take any form, even that of familiar characters.

In Variety, Clark has praised Marvel: The people behind the series are the best in their field, it’s great to be part of something with such a high pedigree. ” Of course, Clarke also explains how Marvel, and other projects like Stat Wars, with so many secrets to keep, give fake characters at casting. “I remember that for Star Wars, the character I read was a made-up music producer.”

Clarke also talked about her new project, although it is neither a series nor a movie, but a comic that she has created with Margueritte Bennet (Bombshells) with art by Leila Leiz. MOM: Mother of Madness is a humor comic that they define as a mix of Deadpool and Fleabag, starring a single mother who, when you have the period, you get super powers. In fact, its powers are an extension of menstrual symptoms.

Clarke decided to create a character that will change the image of single mothers, a fun and empowered character, in addition to subverting the stigmatization and invisibility of menstruation in the media. MOM will be published in July by Image Comics.

MOM MOM Mother of Madness comic

There is no release date for Secret Invasion, although it is one of the most distant Marvel series on Disney +. Long before it will come out Loki, specifically, on Wednesday, June 9.

Fountain: Variety

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